At Xoomdat, the company offers the most reliable and affordable search, analytics, and business intelligence solutions customized to suit individual business requirements. The major challenge of successful and practical real-time search is that today’s products are usually incredibly costly ‘one size fits all’ solutions. These solutions are not easily customized to diverse business needs. It’s a challenge. If a company expands or changes course, so should their search, analytics, and intelligence platforms; all while reducing the expense of updates and ongoing support.

“Our revolutionary technology delivers customizable search, crawl, analytics, dashboards, and notifications all in real-time with state-of-the-art security that is future proof.” says Kevin Hartz, Founder, XoomDat. The result is real-time information technology, which allows it to be feasible for small, medium, and large businesses to dramatically optimize their operations for greater productivity and bottom-line financial performance.

The advantages of technology are essential for almost any company requiring cost-effective scanning of information, information management, data processing, and real-time decision-making. The business has already begun implementing this technology into a range of applications, including real- time aerospace  fleet management, real-time crime detection and prediction, real-time border control, positive identity management, real-time prescription drug growth, realtime financial analysis, and decision-making, as well as other real- time critical information processing.

Using Xoomdat technology, the company has deployed the biggest, real-time event platform in the world. XoomdatEVENT is a real-time marketplace that tracks Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and all other major social media and web sites for events. This allows event-organizers and promoters to meet for business, users to search for events, buy tickets, and meet other users through the company’s unique meetmeDare link. And that is only one example of how the company patent- pending technology can be developed to provide real-time solutions for various applications.

dramatically leverage the competitive posture and bottom-line performance of any business. The company analyzes business needs and identifies how Xoomdat’s technology and support services can provide a customized solution at a fraction of any competitor’s cost. This includes ongoing customized upgrades for changing business needs and long-term life-cycle costs. Xoomdat’s technology is a tremendous reinvention of the customizable real-time search, data analytics, and informed decision-makers that currently exist. Let’s make the technology of the future available today, with Xoomdat!

XoomDat allows users to access, blend, and display accurate information from multiple data sources in realtime. With XoomDat, companies can quickly obtain information that would otherwise take hours or even days to find or never find using other search platforms. XoomDat can easily integrate with pre-existing systems and comes with customizable user interfaces. It is the perfect solution to power high throughput financial solutions to mitigate risk and stay ahead of the competition.

Xoomdat Search Engine always provides the most up-to- date information, allowing the users to make decisions based on live information. With Xoomdat, users information is automatically organized, and new insights are revealed as soon as data is created, modified, or deleted; no matter whether this change happens in a local system (file share, intranet, PDF, Word, etc.) or on a remote system (Web site, cloud share, etc.). The company uses advanced Machine Learning heuristics to find and expose various insights within users’ data in a matter of milliseconds.