Wavestone US is the North American arm of a global IT consultancy and management company. Over the past 15 years, the company has supported the development of more than 200 Fortune 1000 businesses across a wide variety of sectors. The organization’s model is distinctive in that it leverages a deep peerto-peer culture, providing a practitioner’s perspective on IT strategy, cost control, operational improvement, cybersecurity, and business management. “It is our mission to help business and IT leaders successfully deliver their most critical transformations and achieve positive outcomes. We drive change for growth, lower cost and risk, and create the trust that gives people the desire to act.” says Pascal Imbert, Chairman, Wavestone. Wavestone believes in empowering the clients to evolve and develop on their own so that they can be competitive long after we leave.

Wavestone’s IT consultancy in the US was previously known as WGroup, an IT consulting firm with over two decades of experience as former C-suite executives and leaders. It built its reputation on a pragmatic outcomedriven, customer-specific, agnostic approach that optimizes IT operations and minimizes costs. Following the merger of WGroup and Wavestone in July 2019, the Wavestone US brand was officially launched in January 2020.

“We are more than career consultants. We are industry leaders.” says Pascal Imbert, Chairman, Wavestone. The organization’s team is a combination of former C-suite executives and business experts and highquality expertise at all levels. They can solve the most complex challenges with a fresh approach. With a worldwide network of 3,000 employees, Wavestone US is designed to help consumers to get efficiency. Most of the organization’s advisors excel on dynamic challenges, appreciate new trails and are committed to the growth of the company. Wavestone delivers a full range of IT development and market advisory services to achieve the customer’s priorities, from tackling today’s issues to designing competitive roadmaps and innovative strategies that can prepare them for growth in a new way.

The organization is a business built on expertise, driven by real talent from all around the globe. To provide the clients with the unique perspectives that will guide their strategic decisions, Wavestone recruits the very best talent. The company looks for all types of profiles, from new graduates to professionals with broad career experience, marked by a strong sense of commitment and collaboration. The organization is highly invested in attracting passionate people who stand out for their innovative and pragmatic approach, agility, and business and tech-savvy. It can deliver value-added consulting to the clients.

The goals of workers are a vital concern for the company. The organization assists all workers in their growth and the accomplishment of their objectives. Beyond the experience of challenging assignments for major client clients, the growth of managers and employees is focused on structured management preparation manuals and the opportunity to carry on in-house projects. The world of consulting is a demanding one, and the organization strives to have a vibrant and welcoming community for all team members to develop and succeed. Wavestone believes that close contact and cooperation between people of diverse backgrounds promote a community of constant learning, innovation and excellence. 

Work-life harmony has been a focus for the organization for many years to come. This means specific steps that promote stability and consideration for the right balance. Wavestone has been honoured as a rated Excellent Place of Work. It also retains the status of Happy Trainees and Happy at Work / Starters.