Isolved is a leader in employee experience, offering intuitive, first-person HCM technology. The company’s solutions are delivered to more than five million employees and 145,000 employers, directly or through the partner network, who use them every day to increase performance, increase productivity, and accelerate results while reducing risk. The isolated HCM platform, isolated People Cloud, connects and manages the employee journey seamlessly through talent management, HR & payroll, workforce management and engagement management functions. Regardless of the industry, isolated aid to employ, enable and empower high-growth organizations by transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow.

HR physicians work more strategically to put their persons first. The secret to success is the development of a productive work culture as it impacts morale and customer experience. Employees want more opportunities to communicate, exchange ideas, request assistance, cooperate and improve their careers. Stable and intuitive technology is the cost of entry when choosing an HCM partner. Other than accounting, insurance and time control, HR leaders have to provide. While integrating HCM technologies, instruments and organizational experience to enable interaction and cooperation that fuel success and culture, must execute the basics flawlessly. Customers will increase competitiveness, identify, attract and cultivate top talent with isolation and reward creativity and success as you scale the organization of the business. For a happier today and a better future, the business is transforming HCM.

In a fast-growing industry, isolved People Cloud is a leading human capital management (HCM) system for small to midsized companies, serving 5 million employees and 145,000+ employers. The company is located in the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City. Bright, modern, open space with state-of-the-art collaboration areas. isolved has a flexible, forwardthinking company with leaders that adapt as the market changes. “We go above and beyond exceeding CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. We believe customers and partners are the driving force of our business and we will always put them first.” Mark Duffell, CEO. The company’s culture is built on Integrity & Trust. Internally and externally the company can count on one another to do the right thing. The company’s culture is built on Integrity & Trust. Internally and externally the company can count on one another to do the right thing. The company steps up to any challenge and takes it head on. Isolved adapts to change quickly and use it to ensure the results. Isolved support one another and are always willing to help each other to meet the goals through teamwork.

isolved is a scalable solution that can be configured to the needs of your organization and your clients. It handles payroll, HR, time, and benefits enrollment, all from a single source with no disjointed third parties or clunky integrations. All data is stored securely in one place, eliminating the complexities that challenge PEOs and service bureaus. The company is on a mission to help people exceed their goals through transformational employee experience. The company is making that a reality through the isolved People Cloud, which provides the modern workforce with a connected, futureproof platform to deliver awesome outcomes fast.