Edith Hamilton, founder of NEXT New Growth, provides clients with Executive Coaching and Consulting. At the convergence of private equity and CFO leadership, Edith builds value, integrating my expertise in banking, logistics, process enhancement, and market growth with corporate coaching and advisory skills groomed in real life by leading mentors in the industry and top execs. Edith specializes in the sectors of healthcare, information technology, transport and service, supporting CFOs and other leaders who face elevated expectations, increased responsibilities or new tasks to develop additional core skills that deliver personal, team and organizational results. She works primarily with executives who are on point to deliver the growth, process improvements and cost savings that generate high multiples.

NEXT New Growth, a custom-designed strategy planner, focused on consultations with the Managing Partner(s), the CEO and the CFO of private equity. Based on the parties’ priorities, metrics and value proposition for the portfolio firm, engagements usually last 6-12 months. NEXT’s clearly focused, proven methodologies establish an excellent foundation and a reliable framework, while providing great flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each client. NEXT also delivers leadership consulting at private equity portfolio firms for CXOs, SVPs and other senior executives, either in combination with or as an offshoot of collaborating for the CFO or other C-level executives. Over 6-12 months the organization closes the disconnect between one’s skills and one’s actual current actions, allowing leaders to be more impactful. Extremely experiential learning approaches based on professional advancement and the development of leadership qualities elicit improvements. NEXT’s also engage with future High Potential Leaders in whom C-level executives choose to invest.

Leadership is primarily related to behavior – an observable set of skills and abilities – not just personality and style preferences for communication and action. A multi-rater (360 degree) appraisal provides excellent transparency and measurements because an executive at a private equity portfolio firm will benefit from reviews or “Feed-FORWARD” to increase self-awareness and to build a simple, actionable strategy. The resulting insights enable us to tailor a customized framework that addresses specific areas where the clients as a sponsor, in partnership with their executive, agree that coaching will prove valuable.

NEXT has partnered with Stanford researcher / CEO / bestselling author of “Positive Intelligence”, S. Chamine, to extend the effectiveness of NEXT’s weekly coaching using a smartphone app platform developed by his team. This app teaches users with their everyday mindsets. To intercept unpleasant suggestions and attitudes, such as easily and negatively judging. Avoiding uncomfortable choices. To influence people. Perfectionism, and etc. Better yet, the app strengthens core muscles around curiosity, connection, creativity, EQ, follow-through and more. Insights create energy and drive. Yet 80 percent of the lasting value from coaching comes from reshaping habits. “As a CFO coach I bridge the gap between where clients are, and where they want to -so everyone can get more of what they want, which is to be succeeding.” says Edith Hamilton, Founder, NEXT New Growth.

Starting with a thorough assessment of the needs, NEXT New Growth’s coaching frameworks are designed to strengthen the executive and build capacity for sustainable growth. This targeted, experiential approach develops self-awareness, big-picture thinking, and dynamic leadership. Executives typically come away with systematic approaches to driving performance that include cutting through distractions, communicating with impact, and unleashing the potential of their peers as well as the direct team.