We are currently experiencing a continuous digital transformation of cultures and societies. Creating, distributing, and consuming digital media is a natural outcome of the process. CDNs mostly focus on distribution and consumption and have been invented as a response to the problem of flash crowds. The future of CDN will concentrate more on user experience, capacity to scale, and heavy-lift activities that are still rare for conventional content delivery networks. The future of CDN will concentrate more on user experience, capacity to scale, and heavy-lift activities that are still rare for conventional content delivery networks. StackPath is a platform for secure edge services that enables developers to defend, automate, and innovate cloud resources ranging from websites to media distribution and IoT services. The organization is a platform for computing infrastructure and services built on the edge of the cloud.

Unlike companies that only offer managed edge services, StackPath is a full cloud platform that offers developers a modern edge. EdgeEngine is a proprietary orchestration framework that incorporates and automates the management of all aspects of our infrastructure and services. It has complete control of every device in every StackPath edge position around the world. Its API-first architecture enables it to automate its activities and apply it to end-users, all from a single glass pane. The organization’s platform includes Origin Agnostic, Future Proof Modularity, Hyperscale, Inherent Security. Origin Agnostic enables seamless incorporation of services from any public or private cloud or data cente, creating unparalleled opportunities for optimizing operations and create new use cases. Future proof modularity helps designed to be agnostic technology, able to embrace emerging hardware and software developments without needing a drastic, platform-wide overhaul, redeployment to incorporate new capabilities and services. Hyperscale can effectively scale from a few to thousands of servers, storage, and networking devices distributed across numerous locations but handled in a centralized, automated manner. Internal security helps build on a security-first design, embedding first-and third- party services with inherent security advantages, including unparalleled DDoS attack mitigation and the ability to customize security profiles.

Provides a Complete Control over Compute

Standard cloud computing workloads are clustered in a small number of facilities that may be far from endusers. Data must make several hops to and from these sites, cost time and resources, and be more vulnerable to single failure points. Dependable edge computing requires workloads to be spread through a full number of edge locations that are physically closer to end-users. Data makes few, if any, hop in and out of these locations, allowing for higher security, higher resilience, reduced bandwidth, accelerated processing, and superior enduser experience. “Our orchestration engine and robust APIs give you complete control over compute and services at the edge.” Lance Crosby, Chairman & CEO, StackPath.

StackPath’s global network links full-stack edge locations to higher performance through the private backbone. The company’s first-of-a-kind architecture makes data security an intrinsic, seamless aspect of all offerings.

“Our global network gets you closer to end users, with a private backbone between all locations to move data faster and safer than ever.” Lance, Chairman & CEO, StackPath. Every place on the edge of StackPath has a complete deployment of the advanced infrastructure, not just a single server trapped in someone else’s rack. This way, every location can deliver the full range of goods, is completely guarded, grows on-demand, and delivers a robust output with exceptional value. 

With an advanced global edge network infrastructure, StackPath provides enterprise-grade security and performance on a frictionless, on-demand platform with cloud-scale control and flexibility. More than one million customers, including early-stage and Fortune 50 companies, use StackPath services.