Intuz, founded in 2008, is an industry-leading supplier of technology solutions. With worldclass technical supervision, robust infrastructure and growing team of experts in prominent tech, strategic and operations management, Intuz is serving the clients across the globe with mobile app development, enterprise mobility, cloud & app marketing services. Intuz focuses on next-gen, creative, feature-rich and digital solutions, securely built on emerging technologies, with the mission of “Achieving growth by inventing incredible values for clients”. The company brings excellence with passion, both in the form of the products and services.

Intuz’s unique approach of “listen” allows the company to understand the customers’ business and provide precise technical solutions coupled with business insights based on the experience with hundreds of projects and dozens of different industries. “We work with you, not for or against you, to understand the expectations of the project.” says Nilay D, Director, Intuz. The company hears what the customers don’t say and proposes technological solutions to the customers they may not have thought of. Intuz uses vast development experience to work with the customers one-on-one as a partner. Intuz enjoys challenges and is able to smoothly execute perhaps the most challenging tasks effectively. The expert consultant team of the company has an in-depth knowledge of diversified market processes/challenges. The development team of the company is also always upgraded, ahead of the market, with emerging technology trends. 

Intuz believes in transparent communication with all the stakeholders, be it client, employee or any other entity. The company understands and respects privacy policy of the clients/partners and the same is clearly conveyed to the entire channel associated with client projects. Executing a mutual bilateral NDA is the first step the company follows towards protecting the customer’s idea and your IP, and follows strict processes of sharing, storing, using and handling any data that client identifies as confidential. Intuz is a process oriented company. The core objective of the company’s processes is to make sure Intuz executes and successfully completes projects on time within budget. The company’s aim is to empower the customers and their business with the right tools and support that can help them not just to sustain their business but also identify new business opportunities and have their customers stay engaged. The company’s agile development process allows start-ups and businesses to get their solution in the market ahead of time. Right from initial consultation, validating the customers’ idea and recommending tailored solutions leaving competitors behind, Intuz fast pace execution process has the flexibility to accommodate new ideas for the customers’ project as per the market demand so you can get the best value out of it when it is most needed.

Intuz is the copper-bottomed software development company established in 2008. The company is the industry leading mobile app development and cloud consulting company for high-end technology solutions. The company’s team consists of industry consultants with innovative minds, creative designers, and expert developers. Intuz is a passionate team of application makers who breathe, drink, eat, play, think and talk, in addition to designing and coding apps. The company’s passion for work reflects the values and produces a delightful experience for the clients. The company delivered 1500+ apps in various industries and 40+ countries, worldwide. The unmatched diversity of verticals and impeccable experience make Intus the best team to overcome any project development challenge. The seamless integration of the company’s values makes an empathic partner for the clients. The experience is always nonpareil.