HireIQ revolutionizes talent development for high-turnover, front-line customer support roles such as contact centers, department outlets, branch banking, fast-service restaurants and hospitality by automating early-stage screening, automatically evaluating vital leadership capabilities, and leveraging output-based data to enable consistent performance validation. HireIQ’s tools allow businesses to enhance their hiring decisions, reduce time-to-fill, minimize recruitment costs and maximize talent efficiency and retention through online interactive interviewing tools, creative predictive analytics technologies and coordinated interaction between recruiting and its stakeholders.

Founded in 2009, HireIQ is a privately-held company based in Atlanta, Ga. HireIQ is the leading provider of talent management technologies in the consumer interaction industry. Contact centers around the world use HireIQ’s automated interviewing approach to boost their outcomes: minimize turnover, increase attendance and surpass the Main Performance Indicator (KPI) threshold. “Our innovative and patent-pending assessment technology steers decision-makers to those candidates who are most likely to succeed.” says Paul Noone, CEO. The organization provides a softwarebased virtual interviewing solution that is especially applicable to customer-oriented industries, such as the contact center industry. With the industry’s embrace of online talent management as a recruiting tool, HireIQ excels to take on the mystery and confusion of discovering, interviewing and selecting the right contact center talent. And today – more than 2 million virtual interviews later – HireIQ is the leading contact center talent acquisition specialist by driving better outcomes through analytics.

Recruitment, talent management and organizational departments are under immense strain to recruit and attract well-qualified staff who have the best critical thinking capabilities, the right leadership skills and the perfect personality to have outstanding customer service. HireIQ’s Virtual Interview and Talent Analytics solution accelerates recruiting, lets clients choose better reps, and delivers visibility into results such that they can keep the best-of-the-most solution: Virtual interviewing and assessments, Predictive analytics, Performance feedback and Dashboards and reporting. HireIQ’s webbased simulated interview is a more effective way to test contact center applicants. Customers can quickly design custom interview questions for candidates to answer, connect, and sit back and relax. Applicants may log in to answer questions at their convenience – using a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. 

HireIQ produces quality hires for contact centers across hundreds of businesses in more than 30 sectors. Customers of the organization enjoy gamechanging benefits – by widening their pool of hires, reducing time-to-fill, optimizing employee quality and increasing organizational efficiency. HireIQ’s virtual interviewing and predictive analytics software improves customers’ recruiting process, resulting in better hires, and improved results. HireIQ’s interactive audio interviewing solution is powered by Audiolytics, the company’s groundbreaking and proprietary predictive analytics programme. It uses result-based models and machine learning to classify those candidates who are most likely to excel. HireIQ’s solution helps customers: Improve efficiency and staff utilization with online interviewing and testing, speed up the screening process with anytime, anywhere access to online interviews, Reduce the initial interview time from hours to minutes, and Perform more evaluations in a shorter amount of time. 

“We value our customers and their privacy. Our Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how HireIQ Solutions collects, uses, and protects the personal information you provide us via our web site. It also describes the choices available to you regarding HireIQ Solutions’ use of your personal information.” says Paul Noone, CEO.