Lemberg is a consultancy firm for technology, software & hardware engineering. Established in 2007, Lemberg is a company of over 100+ specialists based in Lviv, Ukraine and with customers around the European and American markets. The consumers of the company enjoy a full portfolio of engineering facilities, motivated by consumer electronics, automotive, sports software, new networking, industrial IoT and healthcare skills. Over everything, Lemberg is a squad of passionate experts led by a core team that has been meticulously chosen for over 10 years now. The company is developing its own culture to help attract creative individuals who wish to succeed. We remain bound by the same principles, even though our skill set is diverse. Each and every one of the 100+ individuals is deeply respected for their hard work, since the company understands that the progress of Lemberg is focused on the successes of the people. “Our approach to work is based on the ‘From Client To Partner’ journey. This means that we are looking to build longterm relationships with our clients who can also become partners as our collaboration evolves.” Ros Bulych, CoFounder & CEO, Lemberg Solutions. 

Startups and businesses appreciate Lemberg’s support and contribution via accelerator programs, tech hackathons and workshops. The company’s mentoring and consulting efforts are part of the company’s Give First attitude. The company’s own initiatives, like Drupal and Mobile Cafe in Lviv, are local meetups that help bring together tech peers to build a stronger, more engaged community in the city. Many start-ups are much like clients, working against the clock to reach their ultimate target. They have excellent business experience in most cases and can market their concept well. But reach out to Lemberg if consumers are hesitant about the technological aspect of consumer business. The Lemberg team wants to take on new challenges that will reward the company with innovative portfolio ventures, and the group is proud to have popular Lemberg products of its own.

Lemberg knows that budget and time are key limitations, having worked with entrepreneurs for quite a while now. That is why Lemberg follows a lean approach to product creation and proposes to create the minimum viable product (MVP) for consumers that should hopefully have one functionality that provides core value. The business feels for start-ups, and Lemberg goes the extra mile to produce the product in tough situations. For more than 10 years now, Lemberg’s team has been helping companies create a new level of innovation and efficiency. The company’s expertise spreads across a number of industry domains where Lemberg has been fostering the digital side of things.

Case Study

Lemberg’s client aimed to develop a hardware device for patient monitoring in Germany, which would be installed within their home. In the first release the device would use an AI algorithm for smart sound processing to filter only medical-useful audio. Doctors would then be able to remotely visualize collected symptom data, then take necessary actions quickly. Lemberg developed a SBC-based IoT gateway device with secure embedded software which actively monitors patients’ and helps to quickly deliver health-related data to caregivers, allowing them to look for signs and deviations from normal patient conditions. The platform enables an accurate chronological overview of the symptom progression, features AI-based smart filtering of audio, and sufficiently protects patient-generated data.