"Work from Anywhere” and “Work at Anytime” are becoming a part of every organization’s culture. In March of 2020, when the world shut down due to the pandemic, DEKA enabled more than 20 different organizations—encompassing more than 8000 endusers—to shift to work from anywhere environment. This was accomplished through a combination of legacy VPN connections and establishing secure remote desktop sessions for clients. Besides, DEKA enabled Desktop as a Services (DaaS) for select clients, thereby enabling work to continue during the pandemic. Arising from the pandemic, new cybersecurity concerns/challenges arose for clients. 

Attacks increased with more frequency due to endusers working from home/less secure systems. DEKA helped clients by extending traditional enterprise/ office-based security infrastructures into the homes of some clients. Additionally, corporate policies and usage practices needed to be updated. DEKA worked with clients to update BYOD, Acceptable Use, and IT security policies for clients. 

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, DEKA IT provides on-site and cloud-based managed services to small and medium-sized businesses. DEKA was founded in 2002 by Travis Earls and continues to provide innovative, cost-effective technology solutions to businesses. DEKA can become the IT department for your organization or augment an existing IT group. DEKA can provide onsite technical service and remote help desk support. In addition, DEKA has built one of the most robust cloud service offerings in the country.

Securing technology infrastructures is one of the more important aspects of DEKA’s services. DEKA attempts to utilize layered security approaches with 24x7 monitoring and continually adopting/varying security strategies to keep clients secure. In addition, DEKA provides user awareness/ security training several times a year for all clients. Further, DEKA will conduct internal client audits to ensure compliance with various ISO, HIPPA, NIST, and other regulatory concerns.  

Flexibility and Adaptability are two foundational pillars that help DEKA keep pace with the everevolving competitive and technological landscape. Their willingness to put the needs of the client ahead of profits builds lasting and trusting relationships.

Often, emerging enterprises reach a critical business milestone where they need Executive Level Technology Strategy but do not have the budget for the compensation requirement of hiring that individual. Some organizations need a technology strategy but do not need a full-time person. This is where DEKA can provide a significant value providing a senior-level technology professional that provides a comprehensive technology strategy to emerging enterprise businesses. Additionally, the senior technology executive can manage/augment existing IT departments providing leadership and comprehensive management. DEKA assists organizations by becoming their full-time CIO/ CTO, a dedicated member of your senior staff reporting directly to executive leadership, equipping your organization with world-class processes and technology leadership. DEKA can provide vCIO/ vCTO consultative engagements within hours, allowing the organization to maintain continuity with critical projects, all the while stabilizing their technology team. DEKA ensures to evaluate the current IT environment and develop a strategic go-forward plan; perhaps, more importantly, DEKA evaluates what is not working and makes corrections where needed.

Securing technology infrastructures is one of the more important aspects of DEKA’s services

In a word, DEKA is a complete IT solution provider offering everything—from network, servers, email, web hosting, custom application design, web site management, desktop management, telecommunications management, database management, mobile computing, plus much more. DEKA can transform itself as the client’s IT department. Hence, instead of employing one or two costly individuals who may not have the knowledge or expertise necessary in all IT areas, companies can employ DEKA at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time IT professional. DEKA employs experts in all IT areas, so clients get the expert service they need without a full-time employee’s high price. For the days to come, DEKA is looking to grow through acquisitions in the next 18 months and enhance its solutions and services to give clients more pocketfriendly costs.