Top 10 Healthcare Solution Providers of 2021

Although they are experts in designing medical devices, medtech companies are often not well-versed in assembling and packaging those devices to deliver safely to the end customer while meeting FDA requirements.

Home Care agencies got into the business to help their communities. Often after a personal situation with their own family member, they quit their corporate job and went from the c-suite to running a startup.

AcuteNet is not a traditional software programme that prescribes a series of predefined tasks for the user to perform.

PerfectServe improves patient safety and reduces provider burnout by automating workflows, speeding time to care, optimizing shift schedules, and streamlining communication

ForaCare is a healthcare technology company dedicated to the design and development of medical devices and telehealth software as a means to provide a complete chronic disease management solution.

While our large scale and national resources may be reassuring, we go a step further by bringing our expertise into the heart of every community.

Kainos Healthcare Solutions (Kainos) is an Information Technology company with a healthcare focus.

RxAnte delivers analyticspowered solutions and clinical services that enable health plans, care providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to realize more value from medicines

Onyx Healthcare Inc. is a professional Medical IT company. The company’s commitment to the customers is to provide reliable and high-quality Medical PC solutions.

Vital Metrix, is developing a patented data analysis solution to enable rapid and reliable non-invasive (after pending FDA clearance) measurement of cardiac flow and pressure parameters for use in physician offices and hospitals.