Top 10 Tech Leaders of 2021

Shagun Malhotra has been fortunate enough to have enjoyed living in various countries, attended prestigious schools, and was given the tools to expand and grow her life to where it is today.

The future of cybersecurity is hard to foresee because the market is continually changing in response to the shifting activities of cybercriminals and the new attacks that are taking place.

Automation of DevOps is becoming cloud-centric. Most public and private cloud computing providers support DevOps systemically on their platforms, including continuous integration and continuous development tools.

DevOps began as an ideology and framework for combining different metrics of thoughts and similar businesses/enterprises. It is today the leading tech favoured by the majority of the organizations in India.

Data is at the center of a company. At Infovie, the company recognizes that data management systems are challenging and involve a collective approach around the enterprise.

Scalr was founded in 2007, right at the dawn of the public cloud revolution, from the challenge of federating dispersed IT teams over typical cost and security standards while preserving local autonomy.

Signavio helps companies to keep up with the speed, volume and scope of transition. Market Transformation Suite is the smarter way to continually convert between plan and implementation.

Splunk helps organizations ask questions, get answers, take actions, and obtain business results from their data. Organizations use market-leading Splunk solutions with machine learning to track, analyze, and act on business, IT, security, and Internet of Things data.

Security has never been more important to service providers. A conventional threatcentric approach focuses on preventing and detecting attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the software.

Design Reliable Resilient Microgrids XENDEE develops world-class Microgrid decision support software that helps designers and investors optimize and certify the Fight-Throughâ„¢ resilience and financial performance of projects with confidence.