Top 10 Technology Solution Providers of 2021

Most of the companies today all are facing the “COVID-19 Hangover”.

AireSpring is a supplier of cloud communications and connectivity tools to thousands of companies around the country.

Belsim was born due to the will of Electricity of France (EDF) to buy the software the Belsim research team at the State University of Liège (Belgium) has developed as part of the general European efforts to cope with reducing the energy use by the process industry.

NektarBaziotis is the Founder and President of ENKI Tech; he sees every person’s and company’s unique potential, and his goal is to do his part to bring out the best in everyone (and himself).

Kastle Systems has been leading the security industry for 48 years with innovative technology and integrated security solutions.

For nearly 25 years, organizations nationwide have depended on Parlance to modernize and improve the first 30 seconds of every caller’s journey and remove barriers to service.

Today’s challenging Healthcare landscape is forcing Healthcare System Providers to deliver transformational change to their supply chain strategies and operations.

Companies today face a variety of challenges, ranging from costly and time-consuming software development to enhancements to code in multiple coding languages and debugging complex projects.

Vital Metrix, is developing a patented data analysis solution to enable rapid and reliable non-invasive (after pending FDA clearance) measurement of cardiac flow and pressure parameters for use in physician offices and hospitals.

Yodel Technology Services Platform is worldwide and can also be used overseas.