Most of the companies today all are facing the “COVID-19 Hangover”. Meaning now organizations realize that the quick fixes they put in place to facilitate a remote workforce overnight cannot sustain them over the long-term. Founded in 2015 in the Netherlands, Liquit is a software vendor that delivers Enterprise-ready Application Management and Enterprise Service Catalog solutions. “Liquit not only helps remedy the current state, but also, prepares a foundation to build and manage whatever desired future state is needed,” says Chuck Brady, Vice President at Liquit.

Liquit was founded by two brilliant technology professionals who realized a desperate need in the industry for an end-to-end, open, and flexible application management platform able to manage ALL applications. The first iteration of solutions were way too heavy and not open and flexible. So they created a better, open, flexible, and modern alternative to be open for Every User, Every Application, Every Platform, and Every Device. They brought the third founder on board and started a company that has experienced double-digit growth ever since.

“Liquit is a unique solution and to be honest there is no one platform that can provide the depth and breadth that we deliver. However, one  unique aspect of our open and flexible platform is that we are not out to rip and replace any tools or technologies that have overlap,” says Brady. “On the contrary, we provide integration with most so that we fill the gaps, and in some cases become the “single pane of glass” that manages processes, workflows, and best practices including those products.” With Liquit’s flexibility, they make it easy, if that’s what the organization desires, to eventually make it simple and easy to replace those technologies (i.e., legacy software distribution, application management, workspace, etc.) over time. Nonetheless, that is not their objective. The company’s objective is to provide an innovative platform that helps enterprise organizations meet their objectives of delivering every application to every user, running on every platform, from every device. 

Liquit not only helps remedy the current state, but also, prepares a foundation to build and manage whatever desired future state is needed


It is pertinent to mention that the Liquit Workspace is just one aspect of their platform; they provide a wide array of options for application provisioning and access. Though Liquit provides a 1.3 MB (yes, that’s Megabytes) agent that provides a fully customizable workspace (much like windows personalization, they offer the ability to set up backgrounds and themes) for the end-user to access an aggregation of all their applications; the flexibility behind Liquit allows other ways to provision and access applications as well. Liquit can deliver applications in a corporate intranet, third party portal, Microsoft SharePoint, or Teams, and can even provision applications through the Windows Start menu if that is what the organization wants to do. 

As Liquit is an open and flexible platform for end-user access, they offer the same characteristics on their back-end integration. As new technologies come into play, Liquit provides the luxury of creating a future-proof foundational infrastructure for IT. While one of the most popular solutions for remote desktop access is Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (in which they are a WVD integration partner), making it easier for an organization to deploy and manage the environment for WVD while simplifying the conversion of applications to MSIx app attach. “We also provide similar value to the AWS AppStream technology as well. Liquit is the only platform available to address the modernization of IT to deliver Anywhere Operations both now and in the future,” says Brady.  

Verhoek Europe wanted a future-proof infrastructure, standardized and centralized with workplace independence for all employees. A group of employees was testing Liquit when Covid-19 changed the world in March 2020. By accelerating the platform’s rollout, Verhoek Europe employees were able to efficiently do their work from home as if they were in the office. Verhoek now has ‘concurrent users,’ who are active at the same time daily. Martijn Dunnink, the System Administrator of Verhoek, says, “Liquit is simple and accessible on the management  side, applications can be delivered quickly. When you create an application, you are dealing with a socalled ‘swim lane’.”

Liquit will continue to be the only complete End-to-End Application Management Platform of the future today. They are working with the product teams at Google and Amazon to create more integration and synergy with their Cloud and application management Technologies. “We are also working on some top-secret development plans with other partners that will further modernize the enterprise. Liquit has a team of highly skilled experts in our field,” adds Brady. “Some of the most brilliant minds dedicated to innovation for customers from development to the setup store, marketing, support, and business development. We have assembled a team like none I’ve seen in years and we are working with several key players in the industry to add to our roster.”