The majority of companies have now deployed machine learning in some form

The majority of companies have now deployed machine learning (ML), making it the most popular subset of artificial intelligence (AI), a new report suggests.

European software company STX Next recently polled 500 CTOs from across the globe and found that two-thirds (68 percent) have already implemented ML in some form. What’s more, three-quarters (72 percent) of respondents see ML as the most likely technology to come to prominence in the next two years. 

Although not quite as popular, natural language processing, pattern recognition and deep learning have been deployed by roughly a quarter of organizations.
Despite the growth, AI implementation is still in its infancy, with skills gaps still hindering adoption to some extent. Most businesses have a team of five people working exclusively on AI, machine learning or data science, but just 15 percent currently have a dedicated AI department. 

According to Łukasz Grzybowski, Head of Machine Learning & Data Engineering at STX Next, AI being in its early stages is no surprise, given the prevalence of small AI teams. 

“It’s unsurprising to see machine learning as a definite leader when it comes to future technologies as its applications are becoming more widespread every day,” he said.

“What’s less obvious is the skills that people will need to take full advantage of its growth and face the challenges that will arise alongside it. It’s important that CTOs and other leaders are wise to these challenges, and are willing to take the steps to increase their AI expertise in order to maintain their innovative edge.”

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